The Teen STYLE Package

Part of ensuring your child’s success in life is helping them feel as confident as
possible. Personal style and image has a lot to do with that. Lynn Cesaria from Lynn
Cesaria STYLE understands that it is challenging being a teen. You are sandwiched
between childhood and adulthood. Teenagers are tired of clothes that make them feel too young and you don’t want them to look too grown-up either.

Are you tired of hearing, “Mom, I have nothing to wear”. Or, does “Mom, where is my…” sound familiar? Is your teenager using her bedroom floor as a giant hamper or closet alternative? Is her closet crowded, cluttered, and hard to keep neat? Fear not and this needs to stop!

The Teen Style Package is your answer. Lynn will go through your teenager’s closet
and work with them to decide what styles, colors, brands and fits are best suited for
them while weeding out what is no longer needed to allow for a more organized closet and polished look. Lynn will follow her visit with a list of items that should be added to the wardrobe for easy outfits.

Lynn understands that how you look plays such a big part in how you feel and at
STYLE, we want your teen to be as confident and successful as possible.


  • One hour closet assessment. Lynn will determine which items to keep, discard, or tailor. She will evaluate factors such as fit and color as all well your personality, lifestyle, and style goals to ensure everything in your closet flatters you, projects the right message, and makes you feel great. Lynn will suggest a “must have” list of specific items you need to fill in the gaps in your current wardrobe.

  • Assessment of what brands and trends will work best for your body type, coloring and style personality

PART II – SHOP: Shopping can be overwhelming—especially because there are seemingly infinite options.

  • Review and agreement of what items/accessories will be purchased on behalf of client to meet their styling needs (items can include but are not limited to clothing, outer wear, shoes, belts, bags, jewelry)

  • All items expertly selected by Lynn Cesaria Style will be purchased on behalf of client at consignment stores, department stores and on-line. (NOTE: Unwanted items purchased from a department store must be returned to STYLE within a 7 day period. Items purchased at a consignment store AND jewelry are NOT returnable)

  • Selected items will be available for review and trying on at the offices of Lynn Cesaria STYLE

  • Any and all alterations to be made at Lynn’s dressmaker (Lynn will be on-site to help ensure accurate alterations)

  • Lynn will aid you in buying pieces that work coherently with your existing wardrobe. She will help you pair the new pieces with the old.

PART III – STYLE: This is where it all comes together.

  • Lynn will integrate your new finds with your old favorites to create head-to-toe looks for various occasions in your life. She will use her expertise and training to teach you how to use your clothing and accessories to create flattering outfits that make you feel confident and ready to tackle each day.

  • Personal Polishing – Lynn will accompany you to Intrigue hair salon to consult on hairstyle, cut and color. In addition, Lynn will help you choose the right makeup for you to complete your look.

INVESTMENT COST: This package is for 10 hours of styling services at a rate of $150.00 per hour. $1500.00 fee is to be paid prior to start of styling job. NOTE: This fee does NOT include cost of new clothing and/or accessories and is non-refundable.

* There will be a $75.00 travel fee for traveling outside of Fairfield County, CT