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The Closet Cleanout


Do you have a tough time letting go of old clothes and are tired of standing in front of your closet thinking you have nothing to wear? A better alignment of your wardrobe to your lifestyle needs and personal characteristics will get you to love and use more of your wardrobe. Start by understanding what works for you by editing your wardrobe and get more mileage out of your closet. Most people only regularly wear around 20 percent of their wardrobe. That is a costly mistake. Lynn is the perfect solution to breathe life back into your closet. With this service you will receive:

  • Body Type Assessment – recommendation of clothing styles and silhouettes that are best suited for your body shape
  • Lynn will work with you to determine which items to keep, toss, or tailor. She will evaluate factors such as fit and color as all well your personality, lifestyle, and style goals to ensure everything in your closet flatters you, projects the right message, and makes you feel great.
  • Organization of your closet by like items (or by season) from light to dark
  • Wardrobe Management – Lynn will build outfits that can be put together from your existing wardrobe
  • Assessment of what brands and trends will work best for your body type and style personality
  • Assessment of Wardrobe Gaps – this includes a list of items your wardrobe is missing and will need to be purchased to utilize existing items.
  • Gently worn clothing/accessories that are no longer needed/wanted can be sold by Lynn for a 50/50 split on her ebay store

COST: Price upon request

Phone: 203.258.5355