The Dapper Man

Do you ever wish you were the kind of man who could look dapper every day, but can’t even match his socks to his pants? Or do you need to look polished and refined for work, but would rather do anything else than go to the mall? Perhaps you’re just too busy to shop. Lynn Cesaria from Lynn Cesaria STYLE is the solution. From the boardroom, to brunch to a baseball game, Lynn will help you refine your look and help you find your personal style.


  • Teaching you tips and tricks how to find your personal style

  • Shopping & Styling: Lynn will do all the shopping and put all of your looks together. At the end, she will return the pieces you don’t love.

  • 3-hour in-person styling session with Lynn (Lynn is available to meet you at your office. Note there is a $75.00 travel fee to travel outside of Fairfield County, CT).

COST: $650.00