About Lynn Cesaria 

Lynn Pic.jpeg

Style visionary Lynn Cesaria is a Fashion & Home Stylist, Image Consultant, Personal
Shopper and Photographer who has been working her transformative magic on clients
(men, women & teens) throughout the tri-state area for over 25 years.

Lynn developed her discerning eye while studying at the School of Fashion Design in
Boston, MA and working as a professional fashion illustrator, photographer, personal
shopper and stylist at Saks 5th Avenue, Federated Stores while also working for various
fashion designers like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein on New York’s legendary 7th

Style is in your DNA but for many, it requires some work and guidance. Lynn Cesaria
will open the door to a whole new world of style for you. Lynn believes that clothes
should give you the confidence to become the very best version of you.

Known for her expertise as a Fashion Stylist, Home Styling and Design became a
natural progression for Lynn.

While meeting with her clientele about their wardrobe needs, they would inevitably ask
for her thoughts and ideas on their interior design issues. Lynn has the innate gift of
being able to walk into a space and create a combination of elegance, function, comfort,
identity and panache!

Looking your best and feeling happy in your home is an investment in your overall
well-being. Lynn will support your individuality but will fine tune your personal style. By
changing your look or your personal space, you can change your life.

Live Stylishly.